Fighting Neurological Conditions One Punch at a Time!

Neuroboxing Santa Maria - Defeating Parkinson's Disease and other neurological conditions through fitness, movement, balance and BOXING.
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Neuroboxing Santa Maria enables people with certain Neurological Conditions, like Parkinson's Disease, to fight back by providing a non-contact boxing style fitness program designed to combat the symptoms many people experience with Parkinson's and to improve their quality of life.  Neuroboxing provides a fun, encouraging environment through a "tough-love" approach, to help with muscle rigidity, voice, balance and coordination. Boxing works by moving your body in all planes of motion.

Neuroboxing classes are offered at any and all levels!




NeuroBoxing Santa Maria helps fight off the effects of Parkinson's disease.

Started just over 2 years ago, Neuroboxing  Santa Maria's classes are designed to help people living with Neurological Conditions, like Parkinson's, develop agility, muscular endurance, balance, hand-eye coordination, footwork and overall strength.
Parkinson's disease — a nervous system disorder which is estimated to afflict around 1 million Americans — causes slowness, rigidity, loss of balance, tremors and other symptoms, said neurologist Dr. David Hardesty. In a third-floor office suite at the Marian Hancock Medical Building Monday, personal trainer April Sargeant yelled words of encouragement to a group of 14 people with Parkinson's disease. Standing in front boxing bags, each person punched the bag over and over, shifting their weight from leg to leg as they switched arms.


"As a spouse of a Parkinson's Disease victim, I am so grateful for April and her neuroboxing class. The effort she puts into planning the class protocols and varying the activities to benefit the participants is done with thought, wisdom and caring. I have seen wonderful movement improvements which also tend to improve a person's confidence in their ability to perform. Thank you, April."
-Vicki A.

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