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April facilitates a Neurofighters class that physically meets you where you are, and guides you to where you want to be. I’m not a typical Neurofighters client. I don’t have Parkinson’s, I’m in my 30’s and have a lower spinal cord injury that affects my lower body strength and sensory input. Almost a year after my injury I was left alone, depressed, reliant on a walker and physically deteriorating—but I could not find anyone to help me. Then I found April. I called and explained to her my physical situation and she said, “Come on in and we will figure it out.” I’ve now been going to Neurofighters for a year. I’ve graduated from my walker and now can get around with my forearm crutches. My gait, balance, strength, and stamina have all increased. Neurofighters class has provided me with a community of amazing, supportive, nonjudgmental people. You are never made to feel lesser than for how your body moves, and April will personally help you adapt any moves as needed. This class has forever changed my life and I am beyond grateful! - Devin S

Neurofighters is the best thing that has happened to me since being diagnosed with PD in February of 2022. I met April at the Parkinson’s support group shortly after receiving my diagnosis. She was upbeat and welcoming. Needless to say I was intrigued by her and what her class might offer. Truth be told I wasn’t sure this was going to be for me but after a few classes I was hooked. The classes are well structured and varied to each person’s ability. April is motivating and professional, structured but offering different work-outs each week. She has a fun sense of humor but guides each and every one of us like we are the only person in the room. We have become a community committed to keeping our minds and bodies working to our fullest potential. In April, I feel like I have my own personal Trainer! - Nancy M

The only known help to stop the progression of Parkinson is: EXERCISE!
I had to find something that would keep my interest, be fun and become part of my routine in this new life of Parkinson's. BOXING! Our coach, April, keeps all fighters to the task at hand...It gives me the boost of energy I need to deal the everyday challenges, both mental and physical, of PD. I can see increased flexibility and stamina. Love it! - Terry S

I have known April for 6 years since I joined the Neurofighters group. She is very knowledgeable about PD and its effects, and has worked tirelessly to address the issues this progressive disease causes. Her exercise classes are well structured, varied and suitable for persons of varying abilities. They are not simply "work-outs" but comprehensive sessions catering to both the brain and the body. She offers a very determined yet compassionate approach, motivating the entire class but always monitoring feedback and checking that nobody is left behind. Her professional demeanor, sense of humor and genuine concern for the well-being of all her participants are truly inspirational.
Trevor M.

As caregiver for a spouse with Parkinson's Disease, I appreciate all that April Sargeant Huckabey does for our fighters. Not only does she help them with the mental and physical activities they need to live better lives with PD, she offers caregiver support sessions at no extra charge. I have seen the improvement in my husband since starting the Neurofighters classes. His balance and posture continue to improve, and his attitude is much more positive. We both appreciate the welcoming atmosphere of the classes. April makes sure to mix fun with hard work, and the result is positive energy. I recommend April's Neurofighters classes to anyone with a neurological disease. Try it; you'll be glad you did.
Carol K.

Larry was diagnosed with Parkinsons about three years ago, even though I am sure he has had it much longer. At the end of 2022, he was having difficulty dressing himself, getting out of his chair, getting in and out of bed, and pretty much all movements. I heard about Neurofighters at our pharmacy and we contacted April to see what was involved. She set us up to come in and observe one of her classes and we immediately knew this was what Larry needed to do. After joining the class, it was almost an immediate improvement in his movement. He is able to button his shirts, easily get up and down from his chair, get in and out of bed and the car, and his posture is so much better. Oh, did I say Larry is legally blind and sight challenged.. Even with all the health issues he has, this class has been a major blessing. If Larry had not joined Neurofighters, we are sure he would be immobile and his life (and mine) would be so much worse. April has made such an impact in our lives, we can't say enough to encourage anyone with a neurological disease to join this class and improve your life.
Deonna E.

I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease approximately three years ago. Coming to the reality that I have a disease with no cure was a game changer. My neurologist told me that exercise was the number one thing I could do to slow down the progression of the disease and recommended April. Her program Neurofighters in Santa Maria focuses on balance, strength, coordination, posture, and core stability. I called her and was invited to observe her program. I signed up that day. Her classes are one hour, three days a week. They are very challenging, both physically and mentally. April demonstrates and works out with the class, which I really like. My balance is much better; I’m stronger and much more confident. April is motivational; she’s in great shape physically, setting a good example and cares about her students. I plan on working with April as long as I can!
Ted F.
Retired Teacher / Administrator

Neurofighters has been instrumental in keeping my body active and my mind engaged for the last 6+ years. When the diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease became a reality, I was immediately struck with the feeling that my life, as I had been living it, was over. Thoughts of what was to come filled me with fear and sadness. I heard about the boxing classes from one of my doctors and joined in right away. Neurofighters has become a very important part of keeping me active and engaged in maintaining my function and strength. I thank April Sargeant for her dedication to a group of dedicated and hardworking new friends.
Cynthia S.

After working with April and Neuroboxing Santa Maria for over a year now, I have gained strength and confidence with my movement. I know with Parkinson’s, exercise is imperative and with April’s guidance I can continue to live an active and productive life despite my Parkinson’s challenges.
Betty S.

Neuroboxing is an excellent exercise to battle Parkinson’s. The exercises increase strength, flexibility and balance. This is required to maintain a walking gait, and to sustain independence. The ability to perform daily tasks and interact with other students makes a difference to increase a sense well-being and motivation to take the next step everyday . Everyone with Parkinson’s should give Neuroboxing a try. Meds are not enough to balance the physical, mental and emotional challenges of Parkinson’s. Make sure you join a class with a certified instructor, like April Sargeant.
Earl S.

April Sargeant's Neurofighters has allowed me to maintain my active life-style. I was diagnosed in 2011, and over those years, I've noticed deterioration in my physical movement. It also affected my driving capabilities. But after joining Neurofighters 4+ years ago, I have my full physical life back with no issues at all in my driving ability. Neurofighters is just short of a miracle!
Paul K.

April’s neuro-boxing classes have been exceptional helping me to reduce the physical and neurological impacts of Parkinson's Disease. The classes include activities that focus on balance improvement, muscle building and stamina. Exercises focus on development and maintenance of skills associated with daily activities at home and work. Nearly everything we do in class is transferable to movements characteristic of daily life. Neuro-boxing focuses on coordinating the physical aspects of boxing movements into a structured sequence of punches. This requires you to "think as you punch” as you are physically engaged executing a designated sequence of punches and steps. After a few minutes it can get a little tough, but it’s better to be physically and mentally challenged and stay engaged with yourself than the alternative.
John C.

I can’t say enough about April and her Parkinson’s disease program. When I started I could barely walk, tie my shoes or get out of a chair. With April’s encouragement I made huge progress and turned my life around. The class is both fun and work and I feel great after every meeting.
Gary P.

April, I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for you and Neuroboxing Santa Maria. The workouts have been a major part of my physical fitness routine for over 2 years and have helped mitigate symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease. The balance, strength, transitional and flexibility exercises have been instrumental for enabling me to move safely every day. Lastly, I truly enjoy your uplifting coaching style that is an inspiration to me and fellow Fighters!
Kent P.